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RealTimeWeekly #22

07 Apr RealTimeWeekly #22

I think this week’s issue contains our first link to an article about a C++ framework or app! Were you at the WebRTC World Summit in London last week? Send me a note to your posts, I’d be happy to share your analysis with our readers. What sort of real time applications are you working on, or tech tutorials are you writing? I’m interested to hear about that too and share it with our growing readership!

As always, if you have tips, announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

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Latest Business News

Is Communication Core to Your Business?

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Mar 31 2014

Is communication core to your business or not? Tsahi asks you to consider that, and if it is, what sort of questions you need to ask yourself about development.

Looking Back on Enterprise Connect 2014

Irwin Lazar, NoJitter

Mar 32 2014

A summary of the conference from one of its organizers, noting the transition the conference has made over the years from being all about video quality and telecom developers to one with an increasing focus on web developers.

WebRTC World Summit: The Summary Version

Tshai Levent-Levi,

Apr 4 2014

Summary of the highlights from last weeks’ WebRTC World Summit in London.

Realtime Technology the Lifeblood of Popular Apps

Joe Hanson, PubNub

April 1 2014

While PubNub certainly has a stake in saying so, I think the observations in this post are spot on that the trend in application developing is to be more and more real time. Joe gives some good examples in this post, and notes that real-time apps address the fact that the average human attention span is 8 seconds, which means you didn’t even read this far in my summary of his post.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

NoSQL, JSON, and Time Series Data Management: Interview with Anuj Sahni

Srini Penchikala, InfoQ

Mar 26 2014

When you are dealing with real time data, a time series database is worth considering if you will be querying back against that data based on time ranges. This interview explains the usefulness of this architecture when dealing with things like sensors or stock market data, and offers good tips on designing for query performance.

symple messaging protocol

“Symple is a messaging, presence and remoting protocol with implementations in C++ and JavaScript for seamless communication between desktop and browser applications.” They also have a sample WebRTC implementation here.

Build vs. Buy: Why DIY Isn’t Always Better

Joe Hanson, PubNub

Apr 3 2014

You might be surprised (note sarcasm here) to learn that a provider of real time messaging infrastructure believes there are good reasons to buy instead of build your own. But my experience certainly matches this, so it is good advice to consider.

The IMS approach to WebRTC

Victor Pascual, webrtcH4cKS

Mar 30 2014

Technical discussion of WebRTC access to IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) for the telephony inclined among you.

Twitter Streaming API with Node.js, and ReactJS

Javier Aguirre, Taikoa Software

Feb 11 2014

Nice simple example of how to work with the twitter streaming api

Product Announcements

Dialogic Study Reveals 90 Percent of Telecom Experts Predict WebRTC’s Pervasiveness Within Five Years

Press Release (but with some interesting stats in it)

Swarmify Focuses on the WebRTC Data Channel

Featured Article on WebRTC World

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