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RealTimeWeekly #21

31 Mar RealTimeWeekly #21

This week’s issue makes my former-electrical-engineer’s heart race with excitement. There are a couple of maker-related tech articles below that combine messaging apps with electronics. For those of you not interested in digging out your soldering irons, we’ve also got a number of WebRTC related articles – the conversation from the recent Enterprise Connect conference has not died down yet!

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Latest Business News

Dispatch from Enterprise Connect 2014

Phil Hippensteel, AVNetwork

Mar 24 2014

Summary of the Enterprise Connect conference, noting the transition in its focus from a traditional telephony conference to one focused on business collaboration tools and the excitement about WebRTC.

Customers gain the upper hand in video conferencing market

Michael Gotalsky, FierceCIO

Mar 24 2014

The video conferencing market is no longer about hardware, it’s about software and emerging standards like WebRTC.

Discussing GoToMeeting Free with Citrix’s Phil Chambers

Rachel Ramsey, WebRTC World

Mar 25 2014

WebRTC is not just for startups anymore – GoToMeeting now has a free edition for 3 users that is based on WebRTC. Product head Phil Chambers discusses the move with WebRTC World.

BuildAR and WebRTC: An Interview With Rob Manson

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Mar 27 2014

BuildAR is building an augmented reality application that incorportates WebRTC, and there’s even a kickstarter campaign for it. Tshai has an interesting interview with Rob in this post where they discuss BuildAR as well as the future of WebRTC. Rob is also author of Getting Started with WebRTC.

WebRTC is for Losers

Dave Michels, NoJitter

Mar 27 2014

Provocative post that’s certainly generated some comments over on the nojitter site. Whether you’re a loser or not, it’s worth a read!

In-context communications with WebRTC *is* revolutionary

Arin Sime, AgilityFeat

Mar 28 2014

There’s lots of debate on WebRTC’s future viability, as the above NoJitter article showed. My take is that WebRTC is here to stay, but frankly that doesn’t matter. The important thing is the revolution of in-context communications it is inspiring. I think you should get on the train now, because regardless of how the technology changes in the future, you still want to be on this wave.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

Sending data from a microcontroller to any smartphone/computer

Colin Bookman

Mar 23 2014

Those of you who are “makers” will love this post combining electronic bread boards, a microphone, and the HTML5 WebAudio API to implement your data protocol similar to how the Square card reader works.

WebRTC Third Edition: Alan Johnston and Dan Burnett Continue to Deliver in Real-time

Carl Ford, WebRTC World

Mar 25 2014

Review of the updated version of Alan Johnston and Dan Burnett’s excellent book on WebRTC. If you’re interested in getting a copy, head out to the book’s official site at or on Amazon.

Build Your Own Lockitron With Twilio, Arduino, and Node.js

Jonathan Gottfried, Twilio

Mar 27 2014

The only thing that could be better than combining servo motors, Arduino, Twilio and Node.js would be if someone could please, pretty please, use some duct tape. Oh wait, they’ve done that too!

Product Announcements

WebRTC based P2P file sharing app

“ShareDrop is a free app that allows you to easily and securely share files directly between devices in the same local network*, without having to upload them to any server first.” Hat tip to HTML5Weekly.

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