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RealTimeWeekly #20

24 Mar RealTimeWeekly #20

Jam-packed issue this week! Below is coverage from the WebRTC conference last week at Enterprise Connect, as well as a variety of technical tutorials covering topics from Node.js to web sockets to WebRTC gateways.

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Latest Business News

WebRTC at Enterprise Connect Orlando 2014

Eric Krapf, NoJitter

Mar 17 2014

A summary of insights from the WebRTC conference within a conference at Enterprise Connect in Orlando. The questions were along the lines of Is WebRTC going to stick? (“Maybe”), Should you be experimenting with it? (“Definitely”), and is it a competitive threat to those who ignore it? (“Yes, but maybe not right away”).

WebRTC standard is unfinished but enterprises are ready to adopt

Gina Narcisi, SearchUnifiedCommunications

Mar 19 2014

“The Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) standard for embedding real-time communications into Web browsers has not yet been finalized, but enterprises already grasp its revolutionary potential. A WebRTC customer panel at Enterprise Connect 2014 demonstrated that potential, but also just how careful companies are to protect the competitive advantages of using it.”

4 key insights about WebRTC from the experts

Arin Sime, AgilityFeat

Mar 19 2014

My summary of the 4 big takeaways that I heard presenters say at the Enterprise Connect WebRTC conference. Spoiler alert: WebRTC needs more than “no plugins” and cool technology to take hold, the privacy/encryption aspects of it have a lot of potential, it’s not disrupting industries yet but will soon, and the in-context communication aspect of WebRTC is its real selling point.

Competing with the Twilio API

Chris Kranky

Mar 17 2014

Chris talks about investors’ interest in services like Twilio, and what areas startups will need to mature in before they can become “the Amazon of Communication Services.”

10 Things You Need to Know About the Future of WebRTC

Rachel Ramsey, WebRTC World

Mar 18 2014

10 key points about WebRTC from the Enterprise Connect conference. “WebRTC is not overhyped,” and this list helps explain why and what you need to know about the trends in WebRTC.

Final Thoughts: Wrapping Up Enterprise Connect

Eric Krapf, NoJitter

Mar 20 2014

A quick summary of insights from the WebRTC part of the Enterprise Connect conference as well as the wider Unified Communications topics that were discussed.

Just how disruptive are WebRTC CDNs?

Dean Bubley, Disruptive Wireless

Mar 21 2014

The sale of PeerCDN to Yahoo last year brought more attention to the idea of using WebRTC’s DataChannel as a peer-to-peer Content Delivery Network (CDN). In this post Dean posits that this business model is starting to look viable, and others have entered the space as well such as SwarmCDN, Viblast, Peer5, and Streamroot.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

TADHack, Building the Telecom Application Development Ecosystem

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Mar 19 2014

Interview with TADHack organizer Alan Quayle about the upcoming TADHack event. You can join in remotely as well as in person in Madrid. $20,000 in prize money!

Implementing PUB/SUB in Rails using ActiveSupport::Notifications

Alma Connect Blog

Mar 18 2014

Tutorial to build a simple publisher/subscriber model in Rails based on the ActiveSupport::Notifications module.

Mashing up with the Meetup streaming API

Allan Naranjo and Arin Sime, AgilityFeat

Mar 22 2014

In this simple but fun little javascript websockets example, Allan and I show how to take the streaming Meetup API and display live event RSVP’s on a google map.

The Biggest WebRTC Deployments Aren’t Native Ones

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Mar 20 2014

Should you use WebRTC in it’s “native” form, or should you use only parts of it and customize it to your specific needs. Tsahi points out that the biggest implementations of WebRTC today are not in its pure native form. Something to consider when you design your architecture.

5 ways you can use PubNub Presence

Joe Hanson, PubNub blog

Mar 18 2014

Publish/subscribe real-time messaing models involve people regularly subscribing and then later disconnecting from channels. Your app likely needs to know when clients are online or offline. This post gives examples of how to use PubNub’s Presence module to detect client availability.

What is a WebRTC Gateway anyway?

Victor Pascual, webrtcH4cKS

Mar 19 2014

If you need to connect a WebRTC application with other telco protocols, this post will get you started on WebRTC gateways.

Lessons Learned Architecting Realtime Applications

Peter, Lincoln Loop blog

Feb 18 2014

Overview of problems with doing a single server real-time architecture, and how their team solved it by using a separation of concerns between a Python/Django server handling traditional connections and a separate Node.js application for the real-time aspects..

Product Announcements

Unify to Beta Ansible UC Platform in May, Launch It in October

Mar 17 2014

Weemo and TrueVault Partner to Offer HIPAA-compliant Video, Power Telehealth Apps with WebRTC

Mar 14 2014

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