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RealTimeWeekly #19

17 Mar RealTimeWeekly #19

Today I’m at the WebRTC “conference in a conference” at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Florida. There have been a lot of interesting insights so far, and I’m sure that in next week’s Real Time Weekly we’ll see some blog posts from others at the conference. If you’re interested in my up to the minute thoughts from Orlando, follow @ArinSime on twitter!

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Latest Business News

WebRTC, VoIP & mobile comms apps: bringing new power-dynamics to human interaction

Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis

Mar 10 2014

Interesting insight from Dean on how the democratisation of internet communications may also bring in-person social power dynamics into how you conduct virtual meetings.

WebRTC Enables UX Fragmentation on a Global Scale

Tshai Levent-Levi,

Mar 10 2014

When building a communications app, don’t automatically apply classic telephone or video conference interaction patterns. Tsahi points out how WebRTC developers are starting to change the UX patterns for communication apps, and that’s a good thing.

DC Startup Speek Raises $5.1 Million in Series A Funding

Ronald Barba,

Mar 3 2014

This is a video conferencing startup near where I live in the US, so I’ve seen them at a couple of area startup events and even a competition in Las Vegas last year. It’s cool to see them attracting a lot of attention lately. Speek uses WebRTC in their browser based platform. Here’s an older post from CTO/co-founder Danny Boice on 5 awesome early adopters of WebRTC.

IEEE articles on Internet of Things


March 2014

This month IEEE’s news site is focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT), which is an interesting area to use real-time messaging and communication applications. They’ve got articles covering privacy implications, smarter sensors, and more.

WebRTC Business Case

Mar 11 2014

Last week I was giving a talk on WebRTC at a user group, along with UX designer Mariana Lopez. Mariana reminded the audience, “Don’t just build something with WebRTC because it’s cool technology, make sure it’s actually something users want.” I think that’s basically what Chris is saying in these two posts, where he makes the case that the market for WebRTC is zero, and the business case for WebRTC is zero. The technology itself is not the point, it’s what you can enable with it in your business situation. That’s where the market size and business case can become huge. How can you improve your customers’ lives?

Internet of Things and the Work of the Hands

Thomas Wendt, UX Magazine

Mar 12 2014

Speaking of the Internet of Things and building products that actually matter, this design article talks about the author’s failed attempt to get his father to use a Nest thermostat regulator. While this article is a bit more esoteric than we usually carry in Real Time Weekly, Thomas weaves a story to make an interesting point that we need to build products that meet an actual need for customers, and that may not always mean that devices should conceal the complexity underneath them.

Discussing WebRTC with Svein Willassen, CTO of

Carl Ford, WebRTC World

Mar 12 2014

Interview with Svein Willassen, creator of, which is a very easy to use WebRTC based video conferencing tool. Interesting to learn that this product was built as part of a incubator project, in part by interns. Interested in other WebRTC video conferencing tools? Rachel Ramsey of WebRTC provides this list of Six WebRTC Video Calling Solutions Ready to Use Right Now From Your Browser.

WebRTC on Mobile is Still Science Fiction

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Mar 14 2014

Tsahi makes the point that WebRTC won’t catch any momentum on mobile devices until it’s built into iOS and Android, and so if you need it on mobile, you likely have to port it yourself for at least another year.

Upcoming Report: Selecting a WebRTC API Platform

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Mar 17 2014

Building off a previous report that Tsahi wrote and which I enjoyed, “WebRTC for Business People”, Tsahi announces that he is writing a new report to be released in April which will cover all the various WebRTC API platforms he has been analyzing. This should be very useful to your development teams, and you can pre-order it now.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

WebRTC DataChannels or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Flap My Arms

Alastair Coote, Adventures in Code

Mar 8 2014

Excellent post describing how the author used a combination of web sockets and the data channel of WebRTC to create a “flappy arms” game prototype that allows you to move your phone and send real time messages back to a server so you can emulate those motions in a game. Hattip to WebRTC Weekly.

Building a Distributed Data Ingestion System with RabbitMQ (Presentation)

Alvaro Videla, InfoQ

Mar 8 2014

Presentation recording and slides on “the more advanced features of RabbitMQ: federated brokers, HA queues and support for many protocols and languages.”

Does Amazon’s Mayday use WebRTC? A Wireshark analysis


Mar 4 2014

The Mayday customer service tool built into Kindle is a great example of in-context customer support, with video chat and remote device control built in. Many have also said that it’s likely WebRTC is being used by Amazon to build this service. WebrtcH4cKS lives up to their name in this post and does an analysis to network traffic during a Mayday call to show that WebRTC is probably being used at least for the video part of Mayday. If you’ve never seen a Mayday session in action, then this video by is a great example of one, I think it’s also interesting to watch and think about the UX aspects of real-time design.

Interview with Andy Piper on the Eclipse Paho project and the Internet of Things

Interview with Andy Piper on InfoQ

Mar 3 2014

In this interview with Andy Piper, project lead for the Eclipse Paho project, they discuss the use of MQTT (Message Queueing Telemetry Transport) as a protocol in communications with devices on the Internet of Things.

How to Reconnect Web Sockets in a Realtime Web App without Flooding the Server

John Ryding, Why Not? blog

Mar 4 2014

John makes an excellent point about real-time apps using Websockets – if the connection goes out to your server, then all your clients will start polling at the same time interval to reconnect, which could in itself make it harder for your server to come back online. John provides a simple and excellent approach in javascript to prevent this from happening. Hat tip to HTML5 Weekly.

Improving Speech Recognition in the Browser

Guy Levy, Flipping’ Awesome

Mar 10 2014

Are you thinking about enabling Siri-like behavior in your WebRTC calling app? How about voice commands in your real-time application? Then you definitely need to read this post (Hat tip to HTML5 Weekly for this one). Guy describes the problem when the user says something very close to the right command, but not exactly the right command. To decide if the user’s speech was “close enough” to execute a command, Guy has wrapped up an algorithm called the Levenshtein Distance Algorithm to help you decide just how close the user’s speech was. Were you not aware that there is a Web Speech API in the browser? Then you should read this Introduction to the Web Speech API on Web Fundamentals.

Product Announcements

50 New Products Launching from Enterprise Connect

Press Release

Mar 10 2014

WebRTC Conference & Expo IV Agenda Announced

Press Release

Mar 11 2014

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