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RealTimeWeekly #18

10 Mar RealTimeWeekly #18

A week from now I will be at the Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando Florida for their WebRTC day. I’m excited not just because it should be much warmer there than at my home, but also because it will give me a chance to network with peers and learn more about the latest happenings in the WebRTC part of the Real-Time world. If you’re going to be there, drop me a line and let’s meet up!

Also, if I may humbly point you in the direction of a project we have going on at AgilityFeat – it’s our book on building real-time web applications. You can check out more at the book’s landing page and pre-order a copy if you like. We expect to release the book at the end of April.

As always, if you have tips, announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

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Latest Business News

WebRTC Outlook 2014 Report

March 3 2014

Note: Registration Required to access the report. The report contains survey based data on WebRTC adoption, implementation, and 2014 trends.

MWC 2014: The Art of Misdirection

Alan Quayle

Feb 27 2014

Alan gives his take on the recent Mobile World Congress event in Spain, and laments that many of the most important issues in telecom application development (like WebRTC) are not being addressed enough.

Opera 20 joins Chrome and Firefox in offering WebRTC video chat in Android browser

Liam Tung, ZDNet

Mar 5 2014

“Norwegian browser maker Opera has released a stable version of Opera 20 for Android, which includes WebRTC support for video chats straight from the browser. The stable release with support for WebRTC (web real time communications) brings Opera in line with Chrome and Firefox for Android, which added WebRTC support last year.”

5 Users for Real-Time Data Dashboards

Arin Sime, AgilityFeat

Mar 9 2014

I read a good UX article recently predicting the future of data dashboards, including the prediction that more data dashboards will incorporate real-time data. That inspired me to write this post about a few applications of real-time data dashboards we have seen in our team.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

TADHack Launched

Alan Quayle

Feb 6 2014

Compete for $20k in prizes at the 2014 Telecom Application Development Hackathon in June 2014! You don’t need to be in Madrid to participate or compete, the events will be livestreamed and remote entries are going to be allowed to the hackathon. This blog post is the announcement for the vent on Alan’s blog, but you can also learn more at the event website at TadHack2014.

Building A Twilio Powered Star Trek Communicator

Jarod Reyes, Twilio Blog

Feb 11 2014

Coding tutorial to help you use the Twilio client to build a simple “Captain’s Log.”


Another cool WebRTC based Peer 2 Peer service that lowers download times for big files on your site. Somewhat similar to PeerCDN, which was recently acquired by Yahoo. This allows you to embed javascript in your site to allow users to download your biggest files.

Pub Sub with Event Emitter

Jack Franklin, JavaScript Playground

Mar 5 2014

Tutorial showing how to use Node’s EventEmitter class to implement a publish/subscribe pattern. Hattip to NodeWeekly

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