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RealTimeWeekly #17

03 Mar RealTimeWeekly #17

I’m starting to see some cool applications of WebRTC for music, including this free guitar tuner that I heard about: Similar to the mobile apps I use for tuning my guitar, but it works in the browser. That’s great, but now what I need is someone to write a WebRTC app to help me learn strumming patterns and actually do them in rhythm. That’s your homework for next week – let me know when it’s done! ;-)

But seriously, if you’re not up for that, at least check out the cool stories this week on WebRTC, Twilio, and more messaging technologies.

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Latest Business News

With a new set of voice APIs, Nexmo challenges Twilio head on

Kevin Fitchard, Gigaom

Feb 25 2014

“With voice, cloud-SMS provider Nexmo is moving in on its larger rival Twilio‚Äôs turf. Meanwhile Twilio is growing its messaging business globally and targeting the enterprise.”

WebRTC And V.VoIP: Friends Or Enemies?

Saraj Mudigonda, Electronic design

Feb 26 2014

Saraj describes the differences and similarities between Vide and Voice over IP (V.VoIP) and WebRTC, and explains WebRTC is based on the same concepts, but is an extension of those concepts to the browser.

5 Things Everyone Should Know About WebRTC

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Mar 3 2014

Preview of Tsahi’s presentation at the upcoming Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando, Florida.

WebRTC & the Rise of the WebCo

Sarah Reedy, Light Reading

Feb 28 2014

Watch out Telcos … “People are increasingly known by their identity rather than their phone number. A WebCo could get in on the trend of becoming a data mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and offer the voice calling via WebRTC without a PSTN and a data identity for messaging.”

Video instant messaging: a misunderstood Knowledge Management (KM) disrupter

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, KM World

Mar 1 2014

How could in-context video chat technologies shake up enterprise applications? This article looks at the pros and cons of Video Instant Messaging (VIM) in a very important part of enterprise applications – Knowledge Management. There’s no specific technological discussion or mention of standards like WebRTC here, but this article does help highlight the interest in enterprise use cases.

Twilio Opens Communications Channel on IBM BlueMix Integration Platform

Michael Vizard, Programmable Web

Feb 28 2014

Speaking of adding more communications ability to enterprise applications, Twilio and IBM announced an integration this week. IBM’s cloud integration platform for enterprise applications, BlueMix, now also integrates with Twilio for corporate communications.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

Using Firebase to sync data with a webpage (via Javascript, REST and Firebase Admin panel)

Dinis Cruz blog

Feb 25 2014

Thorough blog post with lots of screen shots documenting a test drive of firebase by the author.

Weemo and WebRTC: An Interview With Soufiane Houri

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Feb 27 2014

Another in the excellent series of interviews that Tsahi does with WebRTC related companies. Weemo is a WebRTC API platform, and their VP of Product answers questions about their service, infrastructure, handling non-compliant WebRTC end points, and advice for those looking into WebRTC API providers.

10 HTML5 APIs Worth Looking Into

Aurelio De Rosa, SitePoint

Feb 19 2014

Lots of useful API’s here to look into for the real-time developer. In addition to the getUserMedia and WebSocket API’s that you are probably already familiar with, there are a number of other APIs described here you might find useful. Only want to update the screen if the user is looking at your page? Try the Page Visibility API. Trying to test performance of your page? The High Resolution Timer, User Timing, and Navigation Timing API’s all might come in handy. That’s only half the APIs listed! Hat tip to HTML5Weekly.

WebSockets in Ruby

Troika Tech blog

Feb 26 2014

A look at different websocket frameworks in ruby, and a walkthrough of the author’s use of the webmachine-ruby framework with WebSockets in particular. Hat tip to Ruby Weekly.

Product Announcements

TwHello, Inc. Launches an Online Development Platform for Twilio-Powered Telecom Systems

Press Release

Feb 25 2014

Twilio Expands Global Reach for Mobile Messaging

Press Release

Feb 25 2014

WIT Software unveils a new WebRTC platform that provides support for all the browsers in the Internet

Press Release

Feb 25 2014

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