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RealTimeWeekly #16

24 Feb RealTimeWeekly #16

WhatsApp?!? Yep, we have to mention it too. Plus we’ve got other articles on WebRTC, Arduino, Twilio, AngularJS, Firebase, PubNub, design, and more!

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Latest Business News

Facebook buying messaging app WhatsApp for $19B

AP News, Yahoo! News

Feb 20 2014

WhatsApp is a social media messaging application with a global reach of users and higher engagement then Facebook has. Is this application of real time messaging technology being overvalued, or is this just an indication of how much the market values innovations around real time technologies? You make the call, but regardless this is pretty huge news. If you’re unconvinced why Facebook would pay this much for a social media messaging app, then also check out how TechCrunch breaks it down for you: Why Facebook Dropped $19B On WhatsApp: Reach Into Europe, Emerging Markets

Decoding Apple’s VoIP, WebRTC, UC and VoLTE strategy

Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis

Feb 17 2014

Dean writes about the different types of voice communication networks and the strategic plays that Google and Apple are making. What will Apple’s future strategy be in telephony and WebRTC?

Viber’s Acquisition by Rakuten: Registered != Active Users

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Feb 18 2014

“Last week, Viber’s business model was revealed. It wasn’t about stickers, subscriptions or PSTN dialing. It was just a simple exit strategy.”

WebRTC: A New Standard for Free, Open Video Chat, File Sharing, and More In the Browser

Ted Currant, Online Education blogger

Feb 5 2014

Education technology blogger talking about how WebRTC can impact online education, learning management systems (LMS’s), and listing example WebRTC services that can be used now to complement higher education. You might also be interested in this follow on commentary by Matt Crosslin from EduGeek Journal.

Real-Time UX: Still Loading

Arin Sime, AgilityFeat

Feb 22 2014

Interaction design for real-time applications is an evolving area, but very important. In this post, I describe an experience I had with the CubeSlam demo WebRTC-based game, and how it highlights an important aspect of design for real-time applications.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

10 Realtime Web Technology Predictions for 2014

Phil Leggetter

Feb 24 2014

10 technology predictions around real time technologies including WebHooks, frameworks, APIs, WebRTC, and more from author and developer Phil Leggetter. Lots of interesting insights here.

Arduino YUN, AngularJS and Firebase (with CURL): realtime data

Fabio Biondi

Feb 16 2014

Cool demo with code showing how the author connected a temperature sensor on an arduino to a firebase real time database, and then an HTML5 app displaying that data on a mobile device.

Laying Down The Hammer (Load Testing with Twilio)

Chad Stachowicz, Cloverhound Blog

Feb 16 2014

Chad describes how he used Twilio to load test a call center installation rather than paying six figures to a load testing company. Code examples included.

Chat Application with Express, SockJs and Angular

Loran Briggs, CodeSquire

Feb 6 2014

“Building realtime apps is where Node shines. Data binding is where Angular shines. Using Sockjs we will combine the two to make a super simple chat aplication.” (hattip to NodeWeekly)

What’s Your SaaS for WebRTC Signaling?

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Feb 24 2014

Tsahi describes why WebRTC signaling doesn’t matter as much to many developers beginning to use WebRTC, because a number of frameworks like PubNub, PeerJS, and Firebase can abstract out many of this for you.

Presence & Message History with the PubNub AngularJS Library

Sunny Gleason, PubNub

Feb 18 2014

Blog post showing how to use PubNub’s Presence API to track which users are online, and tying that into AngularJS for updating the presence status of a user on your site. Also covered is the History API to show previous messages from the PubNub channel storage (useful for rebuilding a timeline of chat messages on a page refresh for example).

Product Announcements

Voxeet goes WebRTC with major sound improvements for conference calls

Feb 19 2014

Using Wildix Kite to Improve E-commerce Customer Service

Feb 13 2014

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