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RealTimeWeekly #15

17 Feb RealTimeWeekly #15

We’ve got a wide range of articles this week covering Twilio, PubNub, secure WebRTC chats and datachannels, and more.

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Latest Business News

Viber messaging app bought by Japan’s Rakuten

BBC Business News

Feb 14 2014

Rakuten purchases skype rival Viber, and talks about integrating it as an instant messaging experience into e-commerce and gaming applications. Not only is this a big purchase, but it shows the convergence of communications tools directly into the web experience of other tools. Also covered by SFGate/Bloomberg

How eHarmony taps Twilio technology to connect users and make matches

Annlee Ellingson, LA Biz

Feb 14 2014

Interesting application of Twilio in the online dating site eHarmony to allow for secure private connections between potential dates. Using Twilio’s API means that eHarmony can give out a fake phone number to your potential date that will ring to your real phone – that way if you decide you aren’t interested in going on future dates with that person you can cut the cord without having ever given up any personal information.

Why You Should Care About WebRTC

Eric Krapf, NoJitter

Feb 7 2014

“Why should awareness of WebRTC be higher? Two reasons: The history of consumerization of IT, and the evolution of the WebRTC ecosystem itself.”

WebRTC contact centers: contextual communication ski lifts

Galeal Zino

Jan 29 2014

“WebRTC is then a high-speed chairlift, enabling the user and agent to use their time skiing down the mountain, rather than struggling to get to the top of the mountain. A ski lift that saves the contact center, and the businesses that it serves, a lot of money (agent time).”

VidyoH2O for Google Plus Hangouts Opens New Video Options

Phil Edholm, NoJitter

Feb 10 2014

“The new legacy-to-Hangouts gateway can tie in existing systems, while also offering a model for migrating to WebRTC-based platforms.”

I Built That “So-and-So Is Typing” Feature in Chat

David Auerbach,

Feb 12 2014

This article is a bit out of the norm for what we link to from RealTimeWeekly, but brings up some very interesting UX/design thoughts around chat tools. The author was a developer behind the “so and so is typing” feature in one of the earliest internet chat tools, and tells an interesting story about why that feature exists and why many people love to hate it.

A Heart That Tweets Your Doctor?

Health News Digest

Feb 11 2014

An interesting example of how real time messaging might be used in healthcare to create innovative solutions for gathering sensor data from your body. I also found this older video about the device mentioned in the health study: LAPTOP-HF.

Secretly Meet and WebRTC: An Interview With Orfeo Morello

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Feb 13 2014

Interesting interview with founder of a WebRTC DataChannel based solution for peer to peer meetings that because they are based on WebRTC, are completely secure and (at least in theory) cannot be tapped into anyone outside of the two browsers communicating with each other.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

WebRTC data channels

Dan Ristic, HTML5Rocks

Feb 4 2014

Dan Ristic provides a great tutorial on how to use the DataChannel api of WebRTC to send data between two browsers. — How We Developed a Service Using WebRTC

Konstantin Shtondenko,

Jan 8 2014

“Six weeks ago we launched, a free web-service to share photos and images the new way. The technology part of it is extremely interesting because it leverages one of the newest web-technologies (Web Real-Time Communications). This post tells about technical challenges we overcome during Live development.”

Creating Real-Time WebGL Visualizations

Dan Ristic, PubNub

Feb 6 2014

Using real time transactions in PubNub as an example, Dan shows how they use WebGL to visualize them in real time.

Product Announcements Looks to Rival Skype With WebRTC Cross-Platform Video Communication

Josh Robert Nay, TruTower

Feb 10 2014

Reliable Real-Time Transaction Processing Now a Reality for Big Data as WANdisco Launches Non-Stop HBase

Press Release

Feb 11 2014

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