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RealTimeWeekly #13

03 Feb RealTimeWeekly #13

Content this week includes AWS, Twilio, Screen sharing in WebRTC, a pub/sub Ruby gem, a private beta pub/sub service, and connected cars!

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Latest Business News

WebRTC Asia-Pacific Forums: conference report

Dean Bubley, Disruptive Wireless

Jan 29 2014

Dean provides a recap of recent WebRTC events in Asia, and makes an appeal for more developer evangelism in Asia around WebRTC.

Jitsi WebRTC interview

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Jan 30 2014

Interview with Emil Evov, CEO of WebRTC development company Blue Jimp and the founders of an open source VoIP client Jitsi.

Developer Evangelist Jon Gottfried on App Development with Twilio

Martin Monroe, InfoQ

Jan 20 2014

Interview from QCon San Francisco with Twilio Developer Evangelist Jon Gottfried on how their service for SMS messaging and phone API’s works. 18 minute video with transcript.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

Why AWS is the Best Fit for WebRTC

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Jan 27 2014

Last week Tshai posted on why AWS and cloud services may not be the right place to host WebRTC based applications. In this evolving debate, he takes the counter point this week.

How to Implement Screen Sharing in WebRTC

Konstantin Goncharuk,

Jan 29 2014

“After voice, video, instant messaging, presence and sending files; the only missing piece for collaboration would be screen sharing. Here’s how you do it in WebRTC.” case study

Martin A. Midtsund,

Jan 29 2014

A short case study with code samples of how the author used to enable video conferencing in a Red Cross application.

Propono: A pub/sub architecture as Ruby Gem

“Propono is a pub/sub gem built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS). It uses Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Simple Queue Service (SQS) to seamlessly pass messages throughout your infrastructure.” Hat tip to RubyWeekly

Product Announcements


A new real time messaging service from Marco Lanaro, currently in a closed private beta. Sample code and a sign-up for updates on the beta are included on the site. Provides a scalable and distributed infrastructure to implement real time communication channels focused on exchanging data messages. Intended for game developers, chat, real time engines or peer to peer sharing apps.

Connected Cars: Build Transportation Management and Dispatch Apps

Joe Hanson, PubNub

Jan 29 2014

PubNub releases a development kit for connected cars to “build real-time transportation management and dispatch apps.”

Priologic Releases v2 at Enterprise WebRTC Pavilion at ITExpo East

Press Release

Jan 29 2014

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