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RealTimeWeekly #12

27 Jan RealTimeWeekly #12

There’s a metric ton of tech articles in this week’s real time roundup. Well, maybe not a metric ton, but six tech articles, which is still pretty good, right?!

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Latest Business News

WebRTC security: Could browser-based communications pose security threats?

Gina Narcisi, Search Unified Communications

Jan 22 2014

Is WebRTC so easy to use that it will open up security threats in the enterprise? Widespread adoption of WebRTC in enterprise applications will require that enterprise IT and security are comfortable with it and will allow it through the firewall. Interesting discussion of the security questions that peer to peer encrypted channels can’t answer by themselves.

The Makeup of an M2M Network Architecture

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Jan 20, 2014

One of two recent posts by Tsahi about Machine to Machine (M2M) applications of WebRTC. Tsahi describes the roles of data producers, aggregators and decision makers in an M2M architecture.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

SDP: The worst of all worlds or why compromise can be a bad idea

Tim Panton,

Jan 20, 2014

An interesting code-laden rant about how a legacy telephony feature snuck into WebRTC, and an example of why this is bad when the author tried to implement the Session Description Protocol for a Raspberry Pi.

Token-based Authentication with Socket.IO

José F. Romaniello,

Jan 15 2014

Comparison of cookie based and token based authentication models in a real time application. Hat tip to node weekly for finding this.

Peer to Peer networking with browsers

Library to create peer to peer networks in the browser for data exchange, based on the WebRTC standard. Hat tip to HTML5Weekly for finding this.

WebRTC Experiments & Demos

Muaz Khan

If you’re looking for a variety of WebRTC coding examples, look no further than this GitHub repository from Muaz Khan. OpenSource WebRTC

This open source collection of libraries will help you with your next WebRTC project for the video, audio, or data channels.

AWS is NOT your WebRTC Hosting of Choice

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Jan 23 2014

Can WebRTC perform well on cloud based services or only on dedicated servers? See the comments section for debate.

Product Announcements

Use WebRTC for audio/video conferencing with no setup or backend needed

Colin MacDonald, GoInstant

Jan 16 2014

RealTime API provider GoInstant announces a WebRTC Widget.

Introduction to Data Push on the PubNub Real-Time Network

Joe Hanson, PubNub

Jan 22 2014

RealTime API provider GoInstant announces a WebRTC Widget.

IOCOM Adds WebRTC to Its Line of Award-Winning Collaboration Clients

Press Release

Jan 23, 2014

Upptalk looks to offer customers “Limitless Communication” without the carrier chains, WebRTC version coming

Press Release

Jan 23, 2014

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