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RealTimeWeekly #10

13 Jan RealTimeWeekly #10

We’ve got an interesting set of tech articles from Twilio about using Socket.IO and messaging this week, plus a slew of interesting articles on WebRTC. Check it all out below!

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Latest Business News

Business video-conferencing market predictions for the New Year

Gina Narcisi, Search Unified Communications

Jan 2 2014

“The ratification of the emerging WebRTC standard for browser-based video will simplify the deployment process even more, making visual communications a reality for businesses of any size.”

WebRTC – The Future of Mobile Video

Rob Whent, WEtech

Jan 6 2014

“It’s estimated that 93% of all human communication is visual which seems to suggest we DO like seeing the person we are talking to. The problem is that so far it hasn’t been easy to do. With WebRTC, video calling becomes a button on your browser no matter what kind of smartphone you use.”

IMS: Let Go of My WebRTC

Amir Zmora, NoJitter

Jan 6 2014

“Trying to tie WebRTC with IMS is a dreadful mistake.”

WebRTC: More Web than RTC?

Eric Krapf, NoJitter

Jan 8 2014

“We all know WebRTC as the standard that will bring real-time communications (as its name suggests) to browsers on the Web (as its name also suggests). But what if real-time isn’t where the biggest action turns out to be? ”

Predictions for Unified Communications in 2014

Larry Hettick, NetworkWorld

Jan 7 2014

In the second part of a series of predictions for 2014, the author makes predictions around WebRTC standards ratification and the pressure that will put on Microsoft, as well as the role of WebRTC vs other video communication standards/tools.

Grimwire and WebRTC: An Interview With Paul Frazee

Tsahi Levent-Levi

Jan 9 2014

Interesting interview that focuses on the data channel of WebRTC.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

Building a Real-time SMS Voting App

Carter Rabasa, Twilio

Dec 17 2013

A five part (and multi-year!) series from the Twilio blog recently concluded – here’s the list of all the posts in the series:

Building a Real-time SMS Voting App Part 1: Node.js & CouchDB

Building a Real-time SMS Voting App Part 2: and Highcharts.js

Building a Real-time SMS Voting App Part 3: Scaling Node.js and CouchDB

Votr Part 4: AngularJS and Authentication with CouchDB

Votr Part 5: AngularJS and CRUD Using RESTful APIs

Product Announcements

PubNub and Ford AppLink Showcase the Power of the “Internet of Things” with Real-Time Vehicle Dispatch App

Press Release

Jan 7 2014

GP2U to launch WebRTC video conferencing [medical] app

Kate McDonald, Pulse IT

Jan 9 2014

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