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RealTimeWeekly #7

23 Dec RealTimeWeekly #7

Welcome to this week’s Real Time Weekly, with a special warm welcome to our latest subscribers! Among other topics, this week’s issue contains the latest news about Yahoo buying WebRTC based PeerCDN in what may be a major milestone in adoption of WebRTC standards.

For many of us, this time of year is not only holiday downtime with family, but also a time to read up on your favorite technologies, or try to hack some code and try new things. What’s your holiday project? If you cook up anything regarding WebRTC or real time messaging over the next couple weeks, make sure to send me a link to the blog post! It’s a season to share, and we’re happy to share your content with others.

As always, if you have tips, announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

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Latest Business News

Yahoo Acquires PeerCDN As It Builds Out Its Content Strategy

Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch

Dec 17 2013

From TechCrunch: “Content delivery network provider PeerCDN has been acquired by Yahoo, the company has informed TechCrunch, in a deal the terms of which were not disclosed. The startup revealed its project earlier this year, which is based on real-time communication tech WebRTC and which makes it possible for visitors to sites to do things like chat via text or video while browsing without any additional software.” Coverage from WebRTCWorld on this news is also here.

WebRTC DataChannel: Yahoo acquires PeerCDN. 2014 just got more interesting….

Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis

Dec 18 2013

Dean describes Yahoo acquisition of PeerCDN as the “first overt buyout of a WebRTC player by a Silicon Valley behemoth (Telefonica/Tokbox was something else).” Interesting analysis as always by Dean in this blog post.

Yahoo’s Second WebRTC Acquisition isn’t About RTC

Tsahi Levent-Levi,

Dec 19 2013

A lot of the hype around WebRTC focuses on the video/audio channels, and overlooks the Data Channels. Tsahi points out that Yahoo’s acquisition of PeerCDN is all about the data channel and provides a real asset that it will be interesting to see where Yahoo takes it.

The beginning of the end for IMS. WebRTC is the catalyst

Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis

Dec 16 2013

For those of you who approach WebRTC from a telco perspective this will be a very interesting read (acronym warning to those outside telco). IMS stands for IP Multimedia Subsystem, which has been created by wireless standards committees for IP based multimedia services. Dean draws on his recent experiences at WebRTC Expo to affirm his belief that IMS is on the way out because of technologies like WebRTC.

Stop Waiting For WebRTC

Dave Michels, Information Week

Dec 18 2013

Dave Michels makes a good case that official approval of WebRTC may still be a long ways off due to corporate/committee politics, but that is no excuse to wait before starting your WebRTC projects. His article only mentions the customer service applications of WebRTC, but his point remains true for the much broader set of possible uses for WebRTC.

Tutorials and Tech Articles

Node.js and WebRTC go Together Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Chris Matthieu,

March 27 2013

The asynchronous and server-side nature of NodeJS make it a great choice for WebRTC work since you are building such an event driven application. This explanation by Chris includes code samples for making and receiving calls.

Product Announcements

Net Medical Xpress Releases Full Two-Way WebRTC Telemedicine Video Conferencing App

Press Release on Yahoo Finance

Dec 17 2013

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