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RealTimeWeekly #6

16 Dec RealTimeWeekly #6

In today’s issue we have a tutorial on real time apps on Heroku, business news about Bitcoin and PubNub, notes on a maturing WebRTC expo, code samples and an overview of the presentation that David and I did last week at MoDevEast, and more.

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Latest Business News

Apache frees Kafka messaging app from LinkedIn

Joab Jackson, PC Advisor

Dec 9 2013

“Internet services and other organizations hoping to plant a newsfeed on their Web sites, or aggregate their log files, could get a hand from a new pub/sub (publish-subscribe) messaging application called Kafka, first developed by professional social networking service LinkedIn. Kafka version 0.8 is the first major release of the middleware since it became an Apache Software Foundation Top Level Project earlier this year, after LinkedIn open-sourced the code. The new release is the first version to be able to work with multiple data directories. It can replicate data within the same cluster, and includes new internal metrics.”

OS X video chat app Rabbit gets ready to hop onto the web

Janko Roettgers, Gigaom

Dec 11 2013

“ wants to launch its OS X-only video chat app on publishers’ websites, with a little help from WebRTC.”

PubNub, MtGox’s Real-Time Price Streaming Partner, Now Offers APIs To Other Bitcoin Exchanges

Ingrid Lunden, Tech Crunch

Dec 11 2013

“PubNub has built a business around offering APIs that let developers stream different services such as messaging and other interactive services in their apps and websites. Today it’s adding a new module that focuses specifically on Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency du jour.”

WebRTC Maturing Rapidly, Setting the Stage for 2014 Growth

Phil Edholm, WebRTCWorld

Dec 11 2013

Phil sums up his thoughts from the WebRTC Expo in Santa Clara recently, noting that the number of apps demonstrated at the conference show that WebRTC is maturing rapidly.

Will WebRTC Defeat Skype? Technology does not a product make

Gregory Menvielle, Rude Baguette

Dec 12 2013

An opinion piece that reminds us WebRTC is a technology platform, not a product by itself that is going to kill off Skype. It’s all in what you do with WebRTC.

Latest Tutorials and Tech Articles

Real Time and WebRTC demo at MoDevEast

Arin Sime, AgilityFeat

Dec 13 2013

Last week David Alfaro and I did a presentation at the MoDevEast conference in Washington DC on how to build real time messaging apps and we also did a demo of WebRTC technology. Our team built a demonstration app for the conference which we used as a our presentation tool. Audience members could vote, send comments to the big screen, and the slides were duplicated and synched up with their mobile views of the app. We also did a couple of WebRTC video calls to our team in Costa Rica via the application to show how to do simple WebRTC integrations. Code samples and a simple sample video are posted on our blog.

Building a Real-time, Polyglot Application with Node.js, Ruby, MongoDB and Socket.IO

Heroku Dev Center

Last updated Nov 15 2013

Tutorial on how to built a real time application on Heroku using Node.js, Ruby, MongoDB (as a message queue) and Socket.IO. Basically what the title says.

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