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RealTimeWeekly #4

02 Dec RealTimeWeekly #4

In this issue we have a little less content than usual due to the Thanksgiving holidays in the US last week. I hope that you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend with family and friends, regardless of where you are in the world. I am certainly thankful for all our new subscribers, and I encourage you to reach out to me with ideas for how to make this newsletter even more useful to you. As always, if you have tips, announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

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Latest Business News

Telcos could lose up to $172bn from core revenues in 5 years, says the Telco 2.0 Initiative

Jonathan Dolby, WhaTech

Nov 28 2013

“A new report from the Telco 2.0 Initiative shows that telcos could lose up to $172bn from core revenues in five years if they don’t make dramatic improvements to their voice and messaging strategies.”

2 Common Misconceptions about WebRTC

Tsahi Levent-Levi, NoJitter blog

Dec 1 2013

Tsahi, a regular blogger on all things WebRTC, discusses the misconceptions that WebRTC is automatically higher quality than other standards, and the misconception that it will kill off existing products like Skype. Tsahi points out it is simply a technology, not a service.

How replacing Java with JavaScript is paying off for PayPal

Nick Heath, ZDNet

Nov 27 2013

PayPal confirmed last week that they are starting a transition from Java to the server side javascript language nodejs, which is also commonly used in real time applications. Some high level details are included in this article on why they are making that switch. Here’s the official blog post at PayPal.

Latest Tutorials and Tech Articles

Building Video Calling with PubNub and WebRTC

Dan Ristic of PubNub

Nov 28 2013

Dan Ristic, evangelist at PubNub, does a walkthrough of how to build a video calling app with their PubNub and WebRTC integration. Code examples included.

Making WebRTC awesome

Henrik Joreteg presentation at CascadiaJS

“Right now WebRTC is like a young, immature, olympic hopeful. Everyone knows it’s going to do amazing things, it’s got tons of talent, piles of potential but at the same time it’s raw, unrefined, unpredictable and a bit hard to work with. Browser support is all over the map, APIs are inconsistent, documentation is still basically crap and everyone’s writing tools and libraries with various levels of adoption and support.” (HatTip to HTML5Weekly, where I found this link)

Chance to win free copies of Getting Started with WebRTC ebook

The Hungry Coder

Not a tutorial per se, but you can visit the Hungry Coder’s blog for a chance to win an upcoming WebRTC book from Packt Publishing.

Product Announcements

NewVoiceMedia builds a contact centre in minutes with Twilio

Press Release

Nov 27 2013

Press release includes a video highlighting how quickly they setup a contact center at a conference using Twilio and WebRTC.

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