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RealTimeWeekly #2

18 Nov RealTimeWeekly #2

Welcome to Real Time Weekly! In this issue we include the latest on codec debates, WebRTC adoption data, and some fun WebRTC example applications that allow you to interact directly with a music video or control a drum synthesizer application from a whiteboard. As always, if you have tips, announcements, or suggestions, please contact me directly at

Thanks for reading!

Latest Business News


Updated WebRTC forecasts + new analysis of browser vs. non-browser uptake

Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis
Nov 17 2013
Dean Bubley’s well respected blog “Disruptive Analysis” published some new predictions on WebRTC last week. The growth of WebRTC is already impressive and device support is growing dramatically in the next couple of years, predicting that 4.2 billion devices will support the standard at the end of 2016. Dean’s analysis also predicts that WebRTC is going to go outside the browser, and become an API standard built directly into the android operating system and many mobile applications.

WebRTC Meeting Fails to Set Default Codec as Google’s VP8 and H.264 Battle It Out

Lucian Parfeni, Softpedia
“Perhaps unsurprisingly, if only because we saw this before, the Internet Engineer Task Force meeting held in Vancouver this week over the standardization process of the WebRTC video conferencing technology ended without a clear solution to the video codec problem.”

Why Teleconference Technology Is Still In The Middle Ages

Lauren Orsini, ReadWrite
Nov 12 2013
An interview with Danny Boice, founder of Speek. “Have you ever considered how archaic it is to use a phone number in 2013? One company predicts we’ll soon be using screen names even on the phone.”

Best practices on using push notifications to drive customer engagement

By Magnus Jean, Mobile Marketing Universe
Nov 12 2013
Tips for using push notifications in native mobile apps, covering from registration and opt-in to targeting and push notification providers.

Threats to WebRTC Interoperability?

Eric Krapf, Nojitter
Nov 13 2013
“With no IETF decision on a video codec implementation, WebRTC will continue to have questions hanging over it.”

Brendan Eich spills the beans on next two JavaScript upgrades

Paul Krill, InfoWorld
Nov 15 2013
“Citing other Web-related developments, Eich said WebRTC, a specification equipping browsers with real-time communications apps via JavaScript APIs and HTML5, would become a standard. The work of Google, Mozilla, and the IETF will make this standardization happen, said Eich, currently CTO at Mozilla. “It’s really cool, and you can use it for data communications, too,” he said, noting that browser support for WebRTC varies, with Mozilla’s Firefox a bit behind Google Chrome.”

Will WebRTC transform business communications?

Webinar by David Andrews
(Note: Registration Required to view) “Join David Andrews, Director of Product Marketing at Twilio as he discusses some of the benefits of using the standard and how companies like the Home Depot and SendHub are taking advantage.”




Amazon Kinesis – Real-Time Processing of Streaming Big Data

Amazon Web Services Blog
Nov 14 2013
Introduction and architectural overview of the new Kinesis Real-Time Big Data processing service from Amazon. More info also available

Introducing the Whiteboard Drum – WebRTC and Web Audio API magic

Tatsuya Shinyagaito and Robert Nyman for Mozilla Hacks
Nov 14 2013
Very cool demo and tutorial of a weekend project that uses WebRTC video and audio technologies to process images of dots being put on a whiteboard, which triggers various synthetic drum beats. Code samples included.

Just a Reflektor

This interactive music video was produced by Google, film producer Vincent Morisset, and set to the Arcade Fire song “Just a Reflektor”. It incorporates WebRTC technology to allow you to join a mobile device with a browser on your laptop. The motion of your mobile device is used to manipulate special effects in the video, and your video is also used in a broken mirror at one point of the video. It’s all done in real time using WebRTC, and it’s a very creative example of how WebRTC could be incorporated into entertainment.




Is WebRTC Ready Yet?

Browser support for WebRTC in simple site

Getting Started with WebRTC

HTML5 Rocks Tutorials by Sam Dutton

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